The Language of the Soul

‘We are so captivated by and entangled in our subjective consciousness that we have forgotten the age-old fact that God speaks chiefly through dreams and symbols.’

Carl Jung

As I am making rosaries and prayer beads I’m selecting symbols for them. I’m not sure how I choose them, the process is part intuitive, part creative. Symbols are the language of the soul. They transcend the rational mind and connect to something deep within us. Using them in objects created for contemplation and prayer can help us delve deeper into ourselves and truths to live and love by.

Every piece I make comes with a story explaining more about the symbols it contains. In this way I can share some additional meaning with the receiver. I struggle with the idea of adding the explanation of the symbols in the description of the piece or just let the buyer make up their mind on their own. Most people just look at the photos and never read the description anyway. I like the idea that people choose based on intuition, let their heart and soul choose and then read the story of the rosary when they receive it.

This page is a place for me to share posts on some of the symbols that I use in my work.

More information on the symbols used in my free range prayer beads.

Mental Health Prayer Poetry & Bees

I love including bee symbols in my co-creations. Bees are rich in symbology and, to me, have always represented the sun and happiness. These tiny creatures are vital to our survival, keeping our ecosystem balanced. They are regarded as a positive omen in…

Bespoke Gifts with Meaning

Custom Prayer & Meditation Strands for Everyone! If you are looking for a personalized and meaningful gift for a friend or relative, one of my prayer & meditation strands could be just the thing. This post provides some options to choose from when…

Free Range Inspiration for Summer 2021

So I’m pretending to be an organized business with “seasons” just for fun. (Worth a shot right? lol😜) I’m just SO stoked to connect to Makuahine Nui (Great Mother) and co-create some new free-range rosaries, malas and chaplets this summer. Summer is almost…

Why I love the symbolism of the Lotus Blossom

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been fascinated with the Lotus flower. They grow in the muck and rise up toward the sun to bloom on the surface of the water (usually, some grow in very wet earth). As a metaphor it’s…

Honu Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle Symbolism

The name for the endemic Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle is Honu and they are one of my most beloved creatures in Hawaii. I frequently include Honu beads in my rosaries and prayer beads. I ❤️ Honu! I include some of the following notes…

Tree of Life Symbolism

I frequently use a Tree of Life on my rosaries and prayer beads in place of a cross or crucifix. It’s a powerful symbol packed with meaning and significance for many people & cultures. I made a rosary for a friend who is…

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