What kind of _____ Catholic are you ?

Creating this site and starting a micro-business making and selling rosaries has me thinking a lot more about my Catholic upbringing. I’ve also been pleasantly surprised to find a community with many other Ex / Former / Recovering / Raised / Enter-a-word-here Catholics. Especially those that find themselves praying the rosary and applying some of the magic and mysticism of our common spiritual heritage to our daily lives. We’re pretty cool people and the fellowship I’ve found is far more than I ever experienced while being a part of the church.

I left the church in my early 20’s and haven’t once thought of going back. Over the years I’ve described myself as everything listed below. I’m curious to know how other people raised in Catholicism but no longer ascribing to the dogma describe themselves.

Please take a moment to answer the poll below. It’s all private and we will only see the answers in aggregate. Thanks!

Aloha 🙏 , Julienne

Published by Julienne Givot

Ordained Minister, Maui Wedding Officiant, Maker of Free-range Prayer Beads, Community Radio DJ, Artist. Web Designer

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