What is a Free Range Rosary?

I started making rosaries a little over a year ago. I had started praying the rosary again last year out of need, desperation really and I came to make rosaries out of a need to create love out of misery; to walk a spiral around the difficulties of the worst time in my life, spreading flowers and trying not to go completely batsh*it crazy. I’ll write more about that another time (the pandemic was just the icing on the crapcake that was 2020).

I didn’t intend to sell my rosaries, but after I ran out of friends and family to make them for, I decided to see if other people had a desire for unconventional, nature inspired prayer beads. It also wasn’t a bad idea to re-coup some of the money spent on my bead shopping sprees either. I was mostly unemployed so any income was welcome.

My background in archetypes, years of spiritual study, leading ceremonies and a lifetime of being an artist (including jewelry) all fit nicely into a free range rosarium. Thinking on it now, it all makes perfect sense. At the time it was just helping keep me sane and connected to Our Lady. Today as I am getting close to celebrating the first birthday of Free Range Rosaries, I thought I’d share a bit more about them.

What makes them a free range rosary?

Universal ✨ They can be used for any kind of prayer, meditation, chant, breath work or even just holding onto. And of course for praying the rosary.

Angel beads! 👼 Every set has an Angel Bead or Ancestor Bead. These are a reminder to connect to, ask to pray with or simply acknowledge our spirit guides and ancestors.

When I was a child, my Mom told me that if I asked my Guardian Angel to pray the rosary with me and I fell asleep before finishing, my angel would finish it for me.

This might be why I always started praying right before bed. 🤣

Maiden / Mother / Crone Beads 🌛🌝🌜 The first three Mater beads are always different, each to represent the 3 major stages of Mary’s life and the original 3 sets of mysteries (Joyful, Sorrowful and Glorious). I’m not a witch/Pagan but I am witch-adjacent 😉 so the Triple Goddess also resonates.

Handmade 🖐 All made by hand on strong nylon cord. I love the feel of rosaries on cord with knots. It feels nice in my hands and has the benefit of not getting snagged in my hair if I fall asleep praying (see above).

I use new and re-cycled materials. 🌎 My local thrift stores love having a customer who takes broken jewelry off their hands. I always clean them physically & energetically before using them in a rosary.

Story 💌 Every set of beads gets a bespoke story explaining the inspiration, symbol meanings and the properties of the ingredients. I use gemstone beads in many of my creations and each has helpful properties. I’m not an expert in this area so I’ve curated information from many different sources. I use so many different symbols in my work and find it meaningful to share more information on them.

Blessings 🕊️ Around the time I started making them, I was inspired to create blessing ceremony for them. This has changed a little since the beginning but is always done outside in nature because that is where I feel the most connected to Great Mother. I also add specific intentions if people request them.

Saints Blessings 🌹My co-creations as I call them also spend time with 2 first class relics, one from St. Theresa of Avila and one from St. Therese of Lisieux. I say a prayer and ask “The Saints Theresas” to bring blessing upon the beads and the people who will receive them. I will write more about “the Saints Theresas” in a future blog as well.

Mahalo! Merci! Salamat! Gracias! Thanks!

I’m astounded that almost a year later, this work has grown and keeps growing. I’ve lost count of the number of rosaries I have made – it’s in the hundreds now. For me, the BEST part of all has been connecting with people. The feedback I receive from people who have gotten some of my beads has been so lovely, so surprising and such a grace. Just knowing that something I do goes out in the world and contributes more love and light makes me SO happy.

A hearty thanks to everyone who has supported this fledgling business. I hope to continue to hone my craft and co-create more with the help of Great Mother.

Published by Julienne Givot

Ordained Minister, Maui Wedding Officiant, Maker of Free-range Prayer Beads, Community Radio DJ, Artist. Podcaster.

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