Mental Health Prayer Poetry & Bees

I love including bee symbols in my co-creations. Bees are rich in symbology and, to me, have always represented the sun and happiness. These tiny creatures are vital to our survival, keeping our ecosystem balanced. They are regarded as a positive omen in nearly all indigenous cultures. I have re-designed one of my most popularContinue reading “Mental Health Prayer Poetry & Bees”

Bespoke Gifts with Meaning

Custom Prayer & Meditation Strands for Everyone! If you are looking for a personalized and meaningful gift for a friend or relative, one of my prayer & meditation strands could be just the thing. This post provides some options to choose from when ordering a custom strand from my shop. Choose a Patron Saint, aContinue reading “Bespoke Gifts with Meaning”

Free Range Inspiration for Summer 2021

So I’m pretending to be an organized business with “seasons” just for fun. (Worth a shot right? lol😜) I’m just SO stoked to connect to Makuahine Nui (Great Mother) and co-create some new free-range rosaries, malas and chaplets this summer. Summer is almost here! More are people vaccinated and some places can see ahead toContinue reading “Free Range Inspiration for Summer 2021”

Why I love the symbolism of the Lotus Blossom

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been fascinated with the Lotus flower. They grow in the muck and rise up toward the sun to bloom on the surface of the water (usually, some grow in very wet earth). As a metaphor it’s something most of us can relate to. We grow through a lotContinue reading “Why I love the symbolism of the Lotus Blossom”

Honu Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle Symbolism

The name for the endemic Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle is Honu and they are one of my most beloved creatures in Hawaii. I frequently include Honu beads in my rosaries and prayer beads. I ❤️ Honu! I include some of the following notes on the symbolism of turtle along with that of the Honu ofContinue reading “Honu Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle Symbolism”