Self Compassion Meditation and Prayer Beads

The world has been extra crazy these last couple of years. How we navigate it can be expanded and made more bearable with a self compassion practice. I created these beads for just that.

The beads chosen correlate to 5 ways to engage with compassion for yourself and then extend it out toward others. You will receive a guide to these ways and some examples of ways to use the beads to meditate or pray.

Each strand begins with a turquoise Howlite Honu, the endemic Hawaiian sea turtle (for navigation / protection) followed by 2 of each of the following beads (8mm in size):
💓White Jade for awareness
💓Green Aventurine for harmony
💓Dendritic Jasper for truth
💓Amazonite for humility & courage
💓Grey Labradorite for patience & perseverance

There are several different end symbols to choose from. You can chose the end symbol or let me choose for you (select surprise me). I have MANY different symbols so message me with a request and I’ll do my best to fulfill it.

They are about 6 inches long on strong nylon cord with hand tied knots and Czech glass spacers. They are $19.00 US and includes shipping to US addresses.

🖐 I make all rosaries & prayer beads by hand and using both new and re-purposed materials.

👼 Each set of prayer beads has an Ancestor bead. The purpose of these beads is to connect with your Ancestors. You can ask them to pray with you, acknowledge their presence, or just say aloha to them.

💌 The receiver will also get a one-of-a-kind “rosary story” explaining the meaning behind the symbols as well as information about the ‘ingredients’ of their prayer beads.

Preparation & Blessing
🌹 Each set of beads is blessed in a ceremony that I was guided to create just for this purpose.

✍️ It’s helpful that I know the recipients’ first and middle names for the blessing ceremony. If you have specific intentions for these beads let me know and I will include that as well.

🕊 Since these are sacred objects which receive specific blessings, I don’t offer returns or exchanges but all of my creations have a 12-month handiwork guarantee.

Published by Julienne Givot

Ordained Minister, Maui Wedding Officiant, Maker of Free-range Prayer Beads, Community Radio DJ, Artist. Podcaster.

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