Hail Mary: A Cathlo-Buddhist Mashup

I wrote this prayer about 10 years ago. It’s a mashup of the Hail Mary and the Buddhist Metta (Loving kindness) mantra. I was inspired to write it in part to quell my Catholic Mom’s worries that I’d become a heathen (anything not Catholic in her view). Also, I was longing to connect with GreatContinue reading “Hail Mary: A Cathlo-Buddhist Mashup”

Rosaries For Rebels: Non Churchy Ways to Use the Beads

This article is by my dear friend and podcast co-host Cyndera Quakenbush. It was originally published here on Your Tango. Check out her work with Story Through Stone. If you’re anything like me and about 23% of all Americans, you are not affiliated with any religion. What cannot be captured in a poll, however, areContinue reading “Rosaries For Rebels: Non Churchy Ways to Use the Beads”

Our Art of Heaven Hallowed Be a New Prayer

This summer I found a beautiful translation of the Our Father prayer and shared it with my Rosary Circle. We soon adopted it into our rosary practice, using it for the first Pater (Our Father) bead. This translation is from the original Aramaic and was done by Neil Douglas-Klotz, who is a religious studies, spirituality,Continue reading “Our Art of Heaven Hallowed Be a New Prayer”